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hereinafter referred to as "the Certified Translation Service"

AND____________________________________________________________________ ,
hereinafter referred to as "the Client".

This agreement binds both of the aforementioned parties in relation to the provision of the services described below under the terms and conditions set forth in the following paragraphs.

Required services:

Translation_______ pages. The text is composed of approximately ________ words per page.

Re-reading_______ pages. The text is composed of approximately ________ words per page.

Revision_________ pages. The text is composed of approximately ________ words per page.

The required services shall be provided at the rate of $ _______ per word;  $ _______ per hour; or for a lump sum of $ __________.

Where applicable, the Certified Translation Service shall perform the work using Word for Windows software and submit it to the Client by email or on 3.5" diskette(s).

Resource person
For any explanation, clarification, interpretation, information, etc. concerning this text, the translator shall consult
_____________________, Tel.:____________, fax: ___________, e-mail: ______________

The necessary documentation for the work, such as previous versions of the same document, glossaries, lexicons, etc., shall be provided by the Client OR shall not be provided by the Client.

The Client warrants to the Certified Translation Service that the Client has full right, power and authority to have the aforementioned work translated, and that the translation thereof by the Certified Translation Service will not result in the infringement of any existing copyright. The Client agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Certified Translation Service against any claim, action, loss or damage incurred by the Certified Translation Service as a result of any breach of this warranty.
It is understood that translations are protected works under the Copyright Act and may not be reproduced or otherwise used in breach of the translator's copyright. The Certified Translation Service hereby assigns its copyright in the work contemplated herein to the Client, but such assignment is conditional upon the Certified Translation Service having received full payment for services rendered in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

Author's corrections
The Certified Translation Service undertakes to make the corrections desired by the Client at the rate of $_______ per hour.
Any recasting of the text to be translated or any revision by the author once the work of translation has begun shall be counted as additional text and invoiced at the rate of $_________ per hour.

Cancellation of the work
If the request for translation is cancelled while the contract is being performed, the Certified Translation Service shall be compensated in proportion to the work performed (according to the selected mode: by the word or the hour or for a lump sum).

Liability of the translator
The liability of the Certified Translation Service is limited to the total value of the contract. Furthermore, the Certified Translation Service shall not be liable for alterations made to his/her work by other persons.

The Certified Translation Service undertakes to deliver to the Client at____________________________________________________________________________________

(address for delivery)

no later than_____________________ printout(s) and _____ computer copy(ies) of the finished
                                       (date and time)
work OR
undertakes to deliver to the Client the finished work by email (certified and notarized translations cannot be delivered by email)

no later than____________________________
                                              (date and time)

The following additional costs shall be invoiced to the Client:

couriers _______ long-distance calls ________ other (specify) ________

Payment shall be made within (number) days of the date of the invoice.
Interest charges (simple or compound) of _____% per month shall be imposed on late payments.

The parties agree to the preceding and duly sign this contract. The Client is requested to return a signed copy of this contract at the earliest possible opportunity so that the Certified Translation Service may begin the work as requested.

Confidentiality of the translation and the original document is ___requested, is not ____requested.

The Certified Translation Service:

                                Executive Officer
International University Line (Certified Translation Service)
Address: P.O.Box 2525, La Jolla, CA 92038-2525
Tel. (858) 457-0595, fax (858) 581-9073

The Client:




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